We are A Comprehensive manufacturer of Anti-rust Chemcial and Inhibitor for Industrial Chemicals.

Anti-rust Chemical for Electric Materials
For Through hole Plating, For Copper Foil
For Print Circuit Board, For Lead Frame,
For Electromagnetic Shielding Film,

Inhibitor for Photo-resist(Dry and liquid),
For Lithium Ion Battery

Inhibitor for Car Chemicals縲�
Inhibitor for Coolant, Blake Fruid, Radiator Coolant
Anti-rust Chemical for Metal Working Process縲�
For Cast and Steel Parts, For Copper and Copper-alloy parts ,
For Aluminum Parts, For Lead parts
For Steel Wire , For Cable and Copper Wire,For Solid Wire
Anti-rust Chemical after Plating
For Copper Plating, For Nickel Plating For Zinc Plating
Inhibitor for Industrial Chemicals縲�
For Water Treatment Chemicals ,For Lubricants,
For Metalworking Fluid, For Metal Cleaning Fluid, For Grease, For Brine
Inhibitor for Inks縲�
For Fountain solution,For Ballpoint Pen
Environment-responsive Anti-rust Chemical and Inhibitor
Low COD type, Non-amine type
Rust remover縲�
Acid type ,Neutrial type
Contract Manufacturing and Distribution縲�
We manufacture your product in Japan.
We sell your product using our sales network in Japan.

Anti-rust Chemcial for Aluminium in Acid solution
Environment-responsive Anti-rust Chemical
Low COD(Mn) type for Cast and Steel
Discoloraiton-proof chemical for Copper plating
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